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Merchandising Team

Merchandisers play a vital role from product planning through production. After meeting with the customers then apply the concepts for each season to product plans, materials and designs. Next, they decide the product lineup for customer, paying close attention to a detailed marketing strategy. 

Research & Design 

Heltex's research and design (R&D) division analyze the latest fashions and lifestyles from around the world.

Concept meetings are held roughly one year before a product's intended launch. Designs team meet with representatives from the merchandising, marketing, yarn and production department to discuss for coming season. Then R&D division prepare designs and refine samples.

Color Card and Stock Service

We own dyeing and spinning factory in Tianjin, China. Our business policy has always aimed to provide every customer with professional, fast and efficient service. We provided Pure Cashmere and Cashmere blend Color Card. All colors in color card are stock available. Order minimun is 1 Kg per color. 

Quality and Production Control

HELTEX deploys about 50 staff  to offices in Tianjian and Dongguan. Production manager visit every week to resolve outstanding issues. Customer concerns regarding quality are communicated immediately to production department, and made improvements.

Development and Procurement of Materials

We can secure stable, top-quality and low cost cashmere yarn to garment under our vertical chain set-up. The materials used for our core items are particularly important. Our in-depth research and experimentation generates multi-layered improvements in the functionality and texture of our product. 

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