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Our Vision

What I want to express is a dream beyond reality. It`s an important inspiration backing my creation-i want to describe a perfect and pure dream through the exisiting space, and break through this oppressive reality. In fact, bearing the courage to dream already brings me one step closer.


So I resent reality;


I resent timid behavior bended to reality.


Creation frees me back into the origin of the mind.


Our background, our eduction, our experience, and our past are restricting our imaginations. Let`s free ourselves.


So, I dare to dream; I love to be unrealistic; I love to fully devote myself without thinking the return; I love to touch the people around us meanwhile be touched by them; I love to shrug off our burdens and worries, and get back to our original purity.


Creation, to me , is a necessity.


It`s like there`s a raging fire in my mind that has to burn or like a wild mustang that has to break loose, Peace, after all, sets me free from the mind.


Creation, to me, means sharing my blossoming mind, sharing my love, sharing my soul`s best, sharing my freedom and my pursuits with the people around me.


Because of creation, the best job in the world, we no longer feel lonely; our life goes further, from the past to the future.


Peter Tse


Heltex Ltd.

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